Water-Cooled Heat Exchangers

Shell & Tube
Save $$ when you are looking to replace your Heat Exchangers.
We offer up to 11 basic Shell & Tube configurations for

various custom designs. We can supply interchangeable units

as direct replacement to major brands such as:

Thermal Transfer, Ketema, Perfex, Young Radiator, Basco, API, Bell & Gossett and others, just ask us!!

How a shell & Tube heat exchanger works


Looking to Save some money on a Shell & Tube heat exchanger replacement or for a new application?  Just let us know the manufacturer name and model number and let us quote a replacement heat exchanger for your cooling needs.

Typical Applications: Standard Features: Typical Materials of Construction:
-Fluid Power Systems -Operating Pressure Tubes, 150 PSI -Shell Brass
-Injection Molding Machines -Operating Pressure Shell, 250 PSI -Tubes Copper
-Paper Machinery -Operating Temperature, 350 oF -Headers Brass, Steel
-Mobile Equipment Our Featured Product Lines Include: -Baffles Brass
-Hydraulic Presses -Standard TT500 Series -End Hubs Brass
-Gear Drives -Standard TAA Series -Mounting Brackets Steel
-Torque Converters -Standard TAB Series -End Bonnets Cast Iron
-Machine Tools -Standard TAFT Series Aftercoolers -Gasket Black Nitrile, Nitrile Cork
-Compressors -Standard THDF Series Aftercoolers
-Chillers Available in Single, Two or Four Pass!!
-Steam & Air Applications
May be custom built to meet your specifications!!

Remember We Supply Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers for new Applications or Direct Replacements for name Brand models such as:

ITT Standard , Bell & Gossett

Thermal Transfer , Young Radiator

Basco, API , Ketema , Perfex

Others, just ask us!!

Plate&Frame - Brazed Plates
Our plate heat exchangers offer a rugged, lightweight compact design with a high heat transfer efficiency while maintaining a low cost.