Welcome to Technical Heat Transfer, Inc.

THS sells and installs a wide variety of heat transfer equipment including heat exchangers and cooling systems. We service industrial distributors, OEM's, and end users within the US and Canada.

We specialize in heat transfer solutions. Take a look to learn more and see what we have to offer, in order to assist you with your heat transfer needs:


Water Cooled Heat Exchangers

We offer up to 11 basic Shell & Tube configurations for various custom designs. We can supply interchangeable units as direct replacements to major brands.

Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

High Performance: Aluminum Core Bar & Plate Design is up to 65% smaller than comparable thermally designed copper tube aluminum fin units.

Evaporative Cooling towers

Available in three (3) different configurations with sizes ranging from 10 - 1000 Tons. Installation savings due to the fact that all units are fully factory assembled.

Wet Dry Systems

Water to Air (WAC) Closed Loop Fluid Cooling Systems that use free ambient air to cool various process heat load. Complete "System" Packages available to include Heat Recovery Systems.


Eleven models in air cooled, warer cooled or split configurations. Options include low ambient condensers, additional capacity controls, PLC interface and choice of water.

Pump Stations

Pump With TEFC Motor, Closed Steel Reservoir For Coolant, Reservoir Sight Gauge With Shut-Off Valves, Service Valves At Pump Inlet And Discharge, Check Valve At The Pump Discharge, Pressure Gauge On The Pump Discharge Pipe.


All sizes and applications are available; condensing, cooling, air cooled or water cooled, refrigeration, new application or replacement.