THS also offers specialty products to keep your equipment running efficiently.

Replacement Tube Bundles

THS exclusively deals in replacement Shell and Tube U-tube & Straight Tube bundles.  These replacement bundles are compatible to replace Taco, ITT, Basco, Thrush, PK; as well as others.  We pride ourselves on quick turnaround; just have your manufacturer name and model number, and we will send you a quote.


Water-based solvent used to safely penetrate and remove encrusted lime, scale, rust, corrosives, and dirt from the surfaces of any water-operated equipment. The advantage with sublime when compared to other products is that sublime is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and non-flammable, as opposed to muriatic acid and other products.  Sublime will dissolve approximately 1.5 pounds of average water scale per gallon.